The Count to 50 campaign is aimed at providing all communities with simple and impactful ways to make a difference.  From switching over your own home to clean energy to starting a Count to 50 club at your school or office, check out all of the ways you can make the most of the countdown to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

Join a community

When you make the switch to clean energy through our campaign, you will be joining a community of supporters we will continually engage up to and through the 50th anniversary.  Over the course of the campaign, we will provide frequent updates to our campaign supporters on how far we’ve come (how many households we’ve switched to clean energy, how many emissions have been avoided, how many dollars have been channeled into clean energy) and additional assets you can share with your networks as well as new ways they can get involved, including in-person events you can attend, educational activities you can do with your families or offices, and online graphics you can share to promote the campaign to your family and friends.  

Engage your own community

We've developed a series of toolkits that allow communities to come together around a joint clean energy goal.  We provide schools, offices, and community organizations with resources to start their own Count to 50 clubs to educate their communities about clean energy and work toward switching over to clean energy themselves.  Whether it's advocating for local businesses to switch over to clean energy or setting a goal to switch over a percentage of the households in your community to switch over, we'll walk you through the process of engaging your community to make a real and measurable impact.  Download the toolkits below for free!  

Count to 50 Toolkit -
General Audiences

This toolkit is aimed at general audiences so is best for individuals looking to engage their communities, offices looking to engage employees, or community organizations looking to get involved.


Count to 50 Toolkit - 
Elementary School

This toolkit is aimed at kids up to 10 years old so is great for families with young kids or elementary school classrooms.


Count to 50 Toolkit - 
Middle School

This toolkit is aimed at young people 11 to 14 years old so is great for families with young teenagers or middle school classrooms.


Count to 50 Toolkit - 
High School

This toolkit is aimed at teenagers 15 to 18 years old so is great for families with teenagers or high school classrooms.