As we approach the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, our Do Just 1 Thing campaign will channel the demand for simple but impactful actions into real-world results.  Our Do Just 1 Thing campaign will get people across the country to switch to clean energy in whatever ways they can.

We're providing you with just one thing that will make a huge difference. 


The goals

  1. Meet the huge demand out there for simple ways to make a big impact.  It's maybe the most impactful few minutes you'll ever spend.
  2. Go beyond activism and awareness to provide real measurable impact.  Events come and go.  So let's make this landmark anniversary last.
  3. Demonstrate that together we can make a difference.  Even if you feel like your individual actions don't matter in the big picture, if we pool all of our individual actions, that adds up to something huge.

The impact

The more people we switch over to clean energy, the more we reduce carbon emissions and help to directly mitigate global climate change and local air and water pollution.  By switching your bills over to pay only for clean energy via our partners at CleanChoice Energy, you're making a microdivestment from dirty energy.  You're voting with your dollars to say, "I don't want to support dirty energy any more.  I only want my monthly utility bill to go toward clean energy."  By making the switch with our partners at Arcadia Power, you're voting for clean energy by matching your monthly utility bill with wind energy.

By switching your bills over to pay only for clean energy, you're making a microdivestment from dirty energy.

Aside from the direct impact, this effort also has an indirect strategic goal because if we can substantially increase the number of people switching to renewable energy, we will reach a critical mass that will result in the creation of more renewable energy facilities to meet the growing demand and send a signal to governments that there is public interest in substantially increasing the share of renewables in the energy industry.

Our campaign therefore has both a real world impact today and a bigger strategic impact on climate and energy in the future.

How it works

With CleanChoice Energy, you get to keep your existing utility bill, while ensuring you're only supporting clean energy.  You won't receive any additional bills beyond your monthly utility bill.  That's because our partner CleanChoice Energy will work with your local utility to make sure that your monthly utility bill goes to pay for pollution-free sources as they source renewable electricity from regional wind and solar farms.

You'll still get just one utility bill each month, while ensuring you're only supporting clean energy. You won't receive any additional bills beyond your monthly utility bill.

With Arcadia Power, Arcadia will receive your local electric utility bill and will send you one statement. If you're enrolled in their premium plan, this bill will include your local utility charges and your Arcadia Power wind energy charge. If you're enrolled in their free plan, your bill will simply consist of your utility charges passed along to you.  (Enrollment in their Evergreen plan will include a separate bill, which you can read more about on their website.)

Switching is fast and easy.  There’s no home visit, nothing to install, and your power will still get to you in the same way.  You will get the same service from your current utility company and maintain the same reliability.  But instead of paying for fossil fuels like coal, oil and fracked gas, you’ll be supporting 100% clean energy.

Right now, your monthly utility bill is likely paying for a mix of mostly non-renewable sources like coal, oil, and natural gas from fracking, which pollute our environment and contribute to climate change.  When you make the switch to source from our clean energy partner CleanChoice Energy, every kilowatt hour of power you use from the grid will be replenished with 100% renewable energy from your region.

You can sit back and enjoy the fact that you're greatly reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact on our planet everyday, without having to change your daily routine or make a long term commitment, and without any home installation.