Lessons Learned: Volume 4

The fourth volume in our Lessons Learned series, exploring the challenges, opportunities, and solutions encountered by those working in the green building field.

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Table of Contents


Sustainability in Action: The Business Case for Value Based Decisionmaking

S. Richard Fedrizzi, US Green Building Council

Documenting the Financial Benefits of ENERGY STAR Buildings

Greg Kats, Capital E

White Tags™: Monetizing Energy Efficiency Savings

Robert A. Mattox, Jr. and Paul MacGregor, PhD, Sterling Planet



Driving the Marketplace to Green

James Cavanaugh & Susan Kaplan, Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority

The Dollars and Sense of Green Buildings

Daniel R. Tishman, Tishman Realty & Construction Co., Inc.

The Costs & Benefits of Green Buildings: Surveying the Industry

Michael Deane, Turner Construction Company



A Journey toward Sustainability

Jon Ratner, Forest City Enterprises, Inc.

Noisette: City Crafting The New American City

John L. Knott, Jr., The Noisette Company LLC

Green Homebuilding: The Last Holdout or the Next Frontier

Judi G. Schweitzer, Schweitzer + Associates LLC

NYC’s High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Hillary Brown, New Civic Works



From Brownfields to Green Homes

Brad Wood, Cherokee Investment Partners LLC

Learning on the Job

Martin S. Dettling, Albanese Organization, Inc.

A Green Future for Affordable Housing

Jonathan Rose & Whitney Foutz, Jonathan Rose Companies LLC

High Performance Multi-Family Buildings at No Extra Cost with No Extra Funding

Henry Gifford



One Bryant Park Tenant Guidelines

Pamela Lippe, e4, Inc.

Improving the Bottom Line and Grid Reliability

Lee Smith, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority

Ice Storage – How and Why

Eugene Garcia, ECM and Todd Coulard, The Train Company

The New York Power Authority: Moving Beyond Energy Efficiency

Timothy S. Carey, New York Power Authority

Greening Your Building Toward Your Bottom Line

Craig D. Sheehy, Thomas Properties Group, LLC



Northfield Stapleton: Green Retail Makes Cents

Brian J. Levitt, Forest City Commercial, Inc.

PNC Bank’s Green Branch Prototype: The Multiplier Effect of Volume Build

Brad Pease, Paladino and Company, Inc.



Inside Out/Outside In: Two Tracks to Sustainability for an Enlightened Client

Sylvia J. Smith, FXFOWLE and Richard Meilen, Kallen & Lemelson

Case Study: Stephen Epler Hall at Portland State University: A one year post-occupancy evaluation of economic performance

Bert Gregory, Mithun, Inc.



Designing Data Centers for the 21st Century

Rudy Kraus and Ron Croce, Power Converter Technologies LLC

Indoor Air Quality Testing for LEED

William Esposito, Ambient Group, Inc.

Commissioning (Cx) 101

Michael C. English, Horizon Engineering Associates LLP

Measurement and Verification: Monitoring Building Systems for Optimal Performance

Jessica Boehland, Environmental Building News

The Flush Factor

Ed Clerico, Alliance Environmental LLC