Gotham Grazer


For many years, Earth Day Initiative has worked with schools to bring sustainable food and gardening education directly into the classroom.  We have placed hundreds of indoor gardens in classrooms across the country, which allow students and teachers to grow food right in the classroom at any time of year, and we have provided detailed lesson plans and resources to teachers who want to educate their students about sustainable food and gardening and help grow those resources in their own communities.

Gotham \ˈgä-thəm\:

  1. a nickname for New York City.

Grazer \ˈgrā-zər\:

  1. to feed on growing herbage
  2. to eat small portions of food throughout the day
  3. a. to crop and eat in the field; b. to feed on the herbage of
  4. to put to graze
  5. to supply herbage for the grazing of

Our latest sustainable food and gardening initiative is our Gotham Grazer program.  Launched in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, it is a sustainable food and gardening education program through which we provide an educator to partner high schools in order to guide students through the process of learning about sustainable food and gardening, mapping food and garden resources in the community, and building real world sustainable food and gardening resources of their own.  A primary goal of the program is to educate students about the vast array of sustainable food careers, so if you work in the sustainable food industry and would like to support the program by leading a workshop, volunteering, or otherwise engaging with us, please get in touch at or 212-922-0048.